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Software License Agreement – FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions, if you have any in another, please do it through the contact form


Are there any restrictions on installing a virtual or cloud-based machines?

No restrictions


I don’t own an MH LS&S license but my outside consultant has other license. Can they use their license to do work on my behalf?

No, consultants may not use their own licenses to do paid work for third parties. A consultant may purchase a license on your behalf and we will register the license in your name. If you choose, you can designate your consultant to manage your annual maintenance renewals. The consultant can then use your license to provide consulting services to you.


Can I let my outside consultants use my MH LS&S license to do work on my behalf?



Can I transfer or assign my license to another party?

You must contact Safe to request a transfer of your license. If we agree to the transfer, then we will ask you to complete an Assignment form.


Can I share a fixed license of MH LS&S to several users?

A fixed license is intended for use by a single user only. If you want to share one license with several users, then you should purchase a floating license with one or more concurrencies.


Can I use my MH LS&S Desktop license to provide other web-based services to third parties?

License Problem
How can I prevent other network users from retrieving the license when in use?
Extended Question: My network connection to my server is sometimes poor and I may lose my license during use, how can I prevent that?

If connection to the server cannot be improved, checking out the network license is an option. Please refer to the instructions described in the License check out article.

License Errors
See License errors and their resolution page.

License Use
If I open two sessions, will my computer use two of my company’s licenses?

Our products allow up to three sessions using one network license, so running two sessions will only use a single license.

What We Can Do For You

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