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As a software company,  MH LS&S software and support is your choice, in which your end users agree to use, repurpose, and distribute your organization’s work. You need a system which helps implement and enforce your license agreements. MH LS&S team gives you the flexibility to configure the right license model in your software applications quickly. We are cloud-based, removing the hassle of setting up and maintaining your own licensing server.



At MH LS&S one of its missions is to “change the world through digital experiences” and this undoubtedly begins by allowing public sector organizations to serve their customers with intuitive, personalized and secure digital experiences.


Simply put, demonstrating a passion for creating digital experiences that put people first and constantly making the necessary transformations to be a tool that makes this possible.


With the solutions and services, private sector organizations are fulfilling their missions more effectively, more efficiently and with greater customer focus. At the same time, employees work more efficiently and can witness greater dedication to service, which improves job satisfaction and morale. After all, great customer experiences start with satisfied employees. Everyone wins when we put the customer experience first!

New technology

With modern technology, organizations can offer engaging websites, apps, and digital formats that successfully reduce the need for many expensive calls and in-person government paperwork. Advanced analytics can give agencies real-time understanding of on-site traffic patterns, utility, and when customers move away from a digital interaction and back to a traditional in-person approach.

How IT Works

Get a job, demonstrate clear business impact, and evolve your skills with MH LS&S certifications.
IT was created in 1994 as a center where you can train and get certified in everything related to IT. We are dedicated solely to providing training and helping clients achieve the certifications that we offer. 

MH LS&S stands for “Leading Learning Partner Association”, a group of centers, each a leading IT training company in their country.

Why IT is Important?

The award came from putting the power of MH LS&S into hundreds and thousands of IT professionals, clients and closely supporting businesses as they embarked on their journey to digitally transform and prepare for the future.


The CRE web usability and optimization tool is required to monitor user activity on a web page. Also, that allow you to extract very useful information in order to see how the page is navigated, by example, in which sections of the web users stop, to what extent they scroll, where they click, etc. With this data, decisions can be made crucial both design and usability.



Tab Creator Licenses are required because it is the platform of more comprehensive, efficient, secure and flexible analysis for the selection of data sources, as well as creation, visualization and dashboards.


We are looking for a flexible tool for work management, with which the teams can design plans, collaborate on projects, organize work and track progress in a visual, productive and rewarding.


Optimal WRKP is required to allow early testing and test often, with a powerful set of tools and analysis Insightful. Such user research software can help create better websites, apps and products, backed by data.


The online tool Gen is required for this line to create all kinds of visual and interactive content easily and quickly, for individual or team use. It is necessary to have this software all in one, as it allows create presentations, infographics, gamifications, interactive images and more interactive content.
Premium model is requested, to use all advanced features.

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Image banks are one of the main image banks on the market. By which, subscription to stock photos is required, containing the collection of royalty-free photos on the web, with subscriptions and packages of imagery. It requires the same, provide professional photos.

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Helena Adams

Founder and CEO

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Mining Expert

Tod Jarret

Backend Developer

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Image banks are one of the main image banks on the market.

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MH LS&S  TIME PC is de BEST!!!!

This line the subscription of PC Time it is a simple program to keep track of times of use of several equipment, that is useful for computer rental and phone calls.

Loren Hopkins

CEO of Extra Space

¨ MH LS&SJOTF you can´t miss it!

JotF is a constructor of full-featured online forms that make it easy to create robust forms and gather important data. Amassing

Richard Hopkins

CEO of Monarch Inc.

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